Why Mighty Mud Dash?

Mighty Mud Dash is not a national series, rather we like to focus more on offering more to our local customers.  We like to consider our race an open forum by hearing feedback from our participants and adapting to please their needs. At every race we seem to get tougher & tougher, and bigger and bigger, just like Texas! Mighty Mud Dash gives your corporate team and colleagues a life-changing, team building experience that’s just not possible in an office setting. You will find you and your colleagues overcoming obstacles together and reminiscing after all’s said and done! This is an experience you will want to relive time after time.

This is the new age of corporate leadership and teamwork development. Through Mighty Mud Dash you will unlock communication waves and set unprecedented confidence and reliance within your working community. Unlike the unchanged traditional leadership strategies that have become stale and obsolete, this resolution truly does work!

Does your company have what it takes?