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What kind of obstacles can I expect?
Please note that the course is subject to change.In the Mighty Mud Dash course you can expect to tackle 3.2 miles of tough obstacle racing hitting anywhere from 20-24 obstacles. Below are some obstacles you can expect:

  • Fenced In – Crawl under one of several trenches that are 3ft wide, 10ft long and 2 1/2 ft deep, covered with fence panels and filled with about a foot of water. The best way to complete this obstacle is to go backwards and pull yourself under the fence panels.
  • Dark Knight – Multiple trenches cut 3ft wide and 20 ft long, each covered by 4X8 sheets of plywood. Are you afraid of the dark?
  • Hurdles – This one’s full of ups and downs. Leap over and under large hurdles with barbed wire on them – as high as 3-4 feet and as low as 2 feet.
  • Cargo Climb – New for 2016, a single vertically placed cargo net you must climb over. It will be difficult to gain footing as you struggle to make your way over the wobbly net.
  • Sled Pull – Another new obstacle for Mighty Mud Dash, participants will pull heavy dirt-filled sleds towards them and then pull them back into place to complete this unique obstacle.
  • Skid Mark – Crawl under a fishing net laying inches above the damp, muddy ground. Trying to navigate and escape the net will be a struggle on its own.
  • Barbed Wire Bear Crawls – How low can you go? Crawl under this complexity of barbed wire laying nearly 2 feet above the ground.
  • Small Walls – Climb over a set of large wooden walls. Without any grips to land your hands and feet on, you will need to utilize the properties of momentum by running and jumping to get to the top of the walls.
  • Mud Moguls – A stretch of 5 mounds of dirt with 2 ft. of water in between each mound. Due to the water, mud, and steep angle of the slippery mounds, it becomes extremely difficult to get up and over them by yourself alone. Having the right shoes on can also lend you a potential advantage.
  • Rope Swing – Swing across one of two mud pits where timing is everything. Stay high enough on the rope so that you don’t hit the muddy water pit below, and then land perfectly so you don’t fall backwards and land back in the muddy water pit. For 2016, this obstacle will now be built on a steel A-frame truss system.
  • MudSlide – Climb to the top of a 20-ft-tall inflatable slide via slippery rubber ladders, and then slide your way down into a 3-ft-deep mud pit.
  • Arctic Freeze – Dare to dive yourself into a large tub of ice water, where you will be forced to dip your head underwater in order to get under the obstruction blocking your path.
  • Board Runner – This obstacle will test your ninja reflexes as you hop your way across multiple panels angled at 45 degrees. Can you hop on all of them in a row without touching the ground?
  • Rope to Rope – Climb on 12 feet of horizontally placed ropes. This can be an incredibly tiring obstacle, so the key here is to find the most efficient way to utilize all your limbs to climb across.
  • Bell Ring – Climb to the top of a 12-ft tall truss system via vertical ropes and ring the bell to complete this obstacle. It will be hard to get a grip on the slippery mud-covered ropes – a real challenge for competitive wave runners!
  • Mighty Wall – Climb up, over, and down a colossal vertical steel truss wall composed of cargo nets on each side.
  • A-Frame Cargo Net – A flagship obstacle, this 15-ft-tall cargo net obstacle places two nets angled at 45 degrees each. Carefully climb up then down the slopes of this triangular metal mountain.
  • Summit – This popular obstacle is a gargantuan quarter-pipe you must run and climb to reach the peak. Volunteers, ropes, and ledges will be there to help you up.
  • Tarzan – One of our most difficult obstacles is composed of multiple yellow rings hung on a tall metal truss frame. Use whatever stamina you have left to swing your way from ring to ring and make it across this challenging obstacle. Make sure you have gloves or grippy hands if you want to make it through this one.
  • Mystery Obstacles – These can be placed anywhere in the course.
How difficult is the obstacle course? Am I sure I’m capable of doing it?
Don’t let our obstacles intimidate you into not starting. With the right mindset, preparedness, and strength, almost anyone can take on our obstacle course. We have devised a four-week workout plan which you can utilize to better prepare yourself for our event.
Can I skip any obstacles?
For noncompetitive wave runners, if you feel an obstacle is too dangerous for you to take on for any reason, you are free to simply walk around the obstacle and continue on our course.
*Competitive wave runners are required to complete each and every obstacle before finishing or they will be disqualified. 

Wave Times

What time does the race start?
Waves will start at 9:00am and will be released every 20 minutes until 12:40pm (Saturday till 12:40pm Sunday till 11:40am). You will be asked which wave time you would like to join during the registration process. Every runner should check in at the Information Pick-Up tent one hour before their wave time (unless you attended pre-packet pick-up – see below). Each runner should arrive at the start line 10 minutes before their wave’s start time. You must have your race bib on in order to run the race. You cannot race without your bib – think of it as your ticket to the event. There will be a wave leaving the start line every 20 minutes with up to 500 Mighty Mud Dashers per wave. Please note that regular registration does not come with a chip timer.
Will there be a competitive wave for this coming run on April 1-2, 2017?
Yes, there will! Test your might against others that are just as mighty as you. The Mighty Mud Dash competitive wave gives $250 to the fastest male and female competitive wave runners. Entry into this elite field will net you a unique shirt, chip timer, and pride that is well earned for your extremely hard work! The competitive wave has a $10 premium associated with its registration and begins at 8:20am on Saturday, April 1st. 
Will there be a kids course for this coming run on April 1-2, 2017?
Unfortunately, we will not have a kids course for the Spring 2017 race.
What is the “Premium Wave”, and how is it different from standard waves?
The Premium Wave, put simply, is the earliest non-competitive wave you can enter on one of our two event days (in this case, the 9:00 AM waves on both Saturday and Sunday). Several mud run enthusiasts prefer earlier waves because the terrain is less worn out and obstacles are less slippery from use by other runners. Because of the possible advantages this brings, particularly for those who want to beat the clock, accessing this wave requires a $5 premium on top of the registration cost to access. In terms of obstacles, packet contents, and distance, the premium wave is the same as the other standard waves. Please note that the premium wave is NOT the same as the competitive wave – a chip timer is not automatically included nor is a purse prize given to premium wave runners.

Chip Timing

Do I get a chip timer with registration?
Chip timers are NOT included with a regular registration. Chip Timers can be purchased as an option for Saturday only, and are automatically included with a competitive wave purchase.

What to bring

What items can I bring?
  • Athletic shoes & clothes that you’re willing to get down right muddy.
  • Gloves, some of the obstacles will have a lot of grip. Be sure to bring gloves!
  • Change of clothes unless you like being a dirty Mud Runner!
  • Extra Money for parking, beer, food and apparel.
  • Spectators (you know…your Mom, coworkers and your own personal fan club) to brag to and share in your Muddy glory!
  • An action camera (such as a GoPro) to help capture all the Mud-filled mayhem to be uploaded to our rockin’ Facebook Page
  • Your partay-tude dude!

What can I NOT bring?

Items that are prohibited
  • No outside alcohol!
  • No glass containers of any kind.
  • Absolutely no weapons
  • No pets
  • No wimpy attitudes

Spectators and Photographers

Are spectators and photographers allowed at the event?
  • Spectators are allowed ONLY in certain designated zones within the event area and are NOT permitted anywhere in the course area without a pass.
  • Special spectator zones within the course are available for access; this requires a special wristband pass which can be purchased separately.
  • Click here to purchase Premium Spectator Passes

Registration FAQ’s

What is included with the entry?
In addition to participating in the event, you will also receive an official Mighty Mud Dash T-shirt, bib number, Mighty Mud Dash Medal, one free beer, and entry to the post-party. You will get the medal and beer once you complete the course.
Do I have to sign a waiver?
Yes, you will be required to sign a waiver before or when you arrive on your event day. Signing the waiver will deliver acknowledgement that by participating in Mighty Mud Dash you expose yourself to certain risks, including the risk of personal injury. Furthermore, we suggest that you read and understand the waiver before you sign it on event day. You can find a sample of your event wavier online here.
How old do you have to be?
You must be at least 14 years of age by the day of the event with parental consent to register for Mighty Mud Dash. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have parental consent and a signed waiver to participate in Mighty Mud Dash.
How fit do I have to be to participate?
Though our course is meant to test your physical strength, mental will, and true grit; it can be accomplished by anyone who shows true Might.
How do I register?
You can register by clicking the “events” page at the top menu and select the event currently open.
How do I create or join a team?
To create or join a team, you must register for an event. There is no minimum or maximum number of people that can be on a team. The more members, more fun it is.
How do I manage a team?
Your team captain can manage the team by logging in through our registration center (at, going into the profile and clicking “My Running Teams”.
Are teams required to finish together?
Teams are not required to finish the race together. Though it does make for a cool photo finish, it is not required.

Other FAQ’s

How can I volunteer at the event?
To register as a volunteer, select the day you want to volunteer: Saturday or Sunday. An option to volunteer for pre-race day packet pickup is available on both days.
Are tickets refundable?
If you purchased Ticket Guardian insurance with your registration, you can file a refund claim at or follow the link/call the phone number in the confirmation email you received. Otherwise, the tickets are unfortunately non-refundable.You can alternatively transfer tickets to a different person by logging on to and change ticket info from there.

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