Mighty Mud Dash - FAQ's - The Texas Mud Run


Registration Details

What is included with the entry?
In addition to participating in the event, you will also receive an official Mighty Mud Dash T- shirt , Mighty Mud Dash Medal, a free beer and entry to the post-party.
Do I have to sign a waiver?
Yes, you will be required to sign a waiver when you arrive on your event day. Signing the waiver will deliver acknowledgement that by participating in Mighty Mud Dash you expose yourself to certain risks, including the risk of personal injury. Furthermore, we suggest that you read and understand the waiver before you sign it on event day. You can find a sample of your event wavier online here.
What is the age limit?
You must be at least 14 years of age by the day of the event with parental consent to register for Mighty Mud Dash. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have parental consent and signature to participate in Mighty Mud Dash. If your child is running in the 100 yard Kid’s dash your child must be at least 6 years of age. The parental guardian must have a signed release form for the child.
How fit do I have to be to participate?
Though our course is meant to test your physical strength, mental will and true grit; it can be accomplished by anyone who shows true Might. For training tips please click here http://www.mightymuddash.com/training-tips/
How do I register?
You can start by checking out our event page HERE. You can register as an individual, by creating a team or joining a team. You can register by going to our events page and clicking on a date and location that suites you.

Team registration

How big can my team be?
There is no minimum or maximum number of people that can be on a team. The more members the more fun.
Can team names be changed?
Yes, please contact us at support@mightymuddash.com and we’ll get it done within 2 business days. 
Are teams required to finish together?
Teams are not required to finish the race together. Though it does make for a cool photo to finish at the same time, it is not required.


How much does it cost?
Mighty Mud Dash events are typically $55-$85 (competitive waves are an additional $30.00), depending on when you register. The earlier you register, the cheaper the ticket. Please visit our events page to find the proper location and date for you.
Are prices based on person or team?
The prices listed are per person, show your might!
If I register my team do I pay for it myself or can I have them pay separate?
Both. You can choose to register your whole team and pay for them at once or you can do multiple transactions.


Do spectators pay?
Nope, Spectators are not running the event and have already paid for parking. Why would anyone charge spectators?
Is there a spectator viewing area?
Yes, spectators will be able to see part of the course for their viewing pleasure. However, they will not be able to walk on the course for safety reasons. Any violators will be forced to leave.
Can they participate in the post party?
Yes, spectators can stick around and enjoy beer, food and good music. However, spectators will not receive a free beer like the participants.

Refunds, Transfers & wave times

Are there any refunds?
No. We do not issue refunds, regardless of circumstance, nor do we issue partial refunds, as per company policy and the terms & conditions that are agreed to by each participant during registration.
I’m injured and can’t run, can I get a refund?
It is impossible for Mighty Mud Dash to assess each injury on a case by case basis and therefore do not offer refunds when participants are injured and cannot participate. However, you are more than welcome to come be a spectator on the day of your event.
Can I transfer a registration?
Yes, if you are injured, can’t make the event or something comes up then you can transfer your registration.  However, there is a $3.00 transfer fee and $2.00 processing fee associated with the transaction. If an amount has been paid then the person transferring the registration can gift or require the other person to pay for the entry fee (must be completed within 24 hours of request). If the registration is not gifted then the person receiving the transfer will be required to pay the reminder up to the CURRENT price. If the participant who is trying to transfer their registration initially paid a $0.00 balance through a GroupOn or Living Social then they will be required to gift the transfer and pay the transfer fees associated with it. Payments between the two parties can take place on their own terms. Most people in this situation sell their entry fee to a family member, friend or co-worker.
Can I change a wave time?
Yes. You can change your wave time yourself through your login. Check the confirmation email that was sent to you for the link to change your information. However, if you are changing to a competitive wave you will have to pay the remainder owed, since competitive waves OFFER NO COUPON CODES you will have to pay the remainder even if you originally registered with a coupon code. Changing wave times in non-competitive waves do not carry any fees..
Can I sell my registration?
Yes. If you cannot make the event we encourage you to sell your entry fee. Just make sure you transfer the new entry over. Please keep in mind that all transfer have a $3.00 fee from us and $2.00 processing fee, so be sure to add this to the charge on the ticket you are selling. Once you sell your ticket you must transfer the information over to the new participant through here

Age Limit

How old to do you have to be to run?
You must be 14 years or older by the day of the event to run. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by adult and have adults’ permission to participate in the race.
What about the Kid’s Dash?
You must be be 6 years of age and parents will be responsible for signing a release form.

Race Day Information

Where do I pick up my packet?
Registration for each event will take place on location the day of the event. Please note that on two day events, you may only pick up your packet on YOUR event day. There will be signs directing all participants to the pick-up point. Each participant must collect his/her packet in person in order to sign a physical waiver.
What can I expect?
To be challenged, muddy and to have a Mighty Frickin’ Good Time.
Are there water stations?
Yes. At each Mighty Mud Dash there will be two water aid stations strategically located throughout the course. In addition, there will also be a water station at the completion of the course. For more information about the water stations please ask the event manager the day of the event.
Will Mighty Mud Dash be canceled if there is inclement weather?
Mighty Mud Dash events will happen regardless of the weather conditions. Meaning, we will never cancel a course solely because of weather conditions. However, though we would hate to cancel an event, safety is our number one priority. If weather conditions make the course unsafe, or affect our medical and safety teams’ ability to help participants, then there will be consideration about closing down the event.
Can I skip an obstacle?
Yes. Though it is not the encouraged obstacles can be skipped with no punishment.
Will there be swimming?
You can always skip any obstacle you like. Swimming will vary on races. However, you should prepare to swim 20-50 feet in cold water.
Where do I get my bib and race day T-shirt?
You will get these items at your packet pick-up. There will be signs directing you where to go.
When will I get my chip timer?
If you upgraded your registration for $5 or are in a Competitive Wave your chip timer will be in your race packet. A basic registration does not include chip timing. 
Where do I park?
We will have on-site or close to site parking. Please be aware that parking is $10.00. Please bring cash.
Will an EMS crew be on hand?
We will always have a top EMS crew on hand for every one of our Mighty Mud Dashes. The crew will be constantly driving through the course and updated on every incident. There will also be signs and flags directing you towards their tent.

Post Party & Awards

When is the post party?
As soon as you cross the finish line. Welcome to the party.
Do I have to pay extra to attend?
No. The post party is included in your registration.
Will there be a wash down station?
Yes. We will have fire houses or other means to wash you down.
Will there be food and beverages?
Yes. You will be able to purchase all the food and beverages you can handle. We will even give you one free beer for starters.
Can I buy Mighty Mud Dash Gear here?
Yes. Mighty Mud Dash will have an apparel tent out for all the procrastinators who didn’t purchase their gear online.
What awards can be won at the post party?
Best Costume, Biggest Might & Best Dance Moves
Do I get a free beer?
Yes. At the completion of the race you can turn in your bib for a free beer.
Can I get on stage?
Only if you are participating in one of the three post party competitions.


What charities do you benefit?
We donate a portion of our net proceeds from every race to Adaptive Action Sports (AAS). For more information about the charity please click here.

Results & Photos

When will the results of chip times be posted?
Results & photos can expect to be posted within a 1-2 weeks after the race.
Where and when will race day photos be available to be purchased?
Buy Race Day Photos Here

Chip Timing

Does everyone get a chip timer?
No. You will get a chip timer if you added one for $5 during registration or signed-up for a Competitive Wave. 
What chip timers do you use?
We use the best in the business; they are part of the championchip system.

Competitive Waves

When is the Competitive Wave?
8:45 am on Saturday on MMD’s that hold them. 
How do I sign up for a Competitive Wave?
Simply select the competitive wave during the registration process. Please note that there is a $30 premium to be in a competitive wave. This is dependent on whether the particular race is holding one.
Why should I join a Competitive Wave?
    • Run with the best and against the best.
    • Run during prime wave times.
    • With the smaller wave sizes (150) there will be no wait time at obstacles.
    • Chip timing is included in all Competitive Waves.
    • $4,000 Purse Prize Breakdown:

1st place Top Male and Female receive – $2,000.

Award ceremony will be at 12:00pm

This race doesn’t have a competitive wave! How can I voice my opinion!
Please tell us of your desire of a competitive wave for the Mighty Mud Dash at support@themightymuddash.com, if you guys show enough desire for this great test of will and power we will be happy to hold one!

Start Times & Finish Times

What time does the event start?
Waves will start at 9:00am. Individuals can request a particular start time when registering, and team captains will decide the start time for their team. We ask you to show up an hour before your official start time, which you will receive via email 1-2 weeks prior to your event.
How many waves are there and how often are they released?
Typically, there are 13-20 start times released every 20 minutes.
How do I find out my start time?
You can login to your user account at runsignup.com or you can e-mail us.
Is there an elite start time?
Yes, you can run in the Cash/Competitive waves for a chance to win cash prizes. In relation to the regular waves, usually the earlier the start times the more competitive the runners.
Is there a time limit to finish the course?
No. Though at some point you have to finish.
What is the average finishing time?
A little over 45 minutes seem to be the average race time for participants.

What to bring & wear

What should I wear?
Simple, something you want muddy for good or bad reasons. You will receive a t-shirt for registering, use that!
Should I bring a change of clothes?
It is up to you. If you don’t mind a muddy underpants while you party than no, but if you do than yes.
Can I bring my pet?
No. Absolutely no pets. Due to safety and health reasons there are absolutely no pets allowed. Violators will be escorted out.
Can I bring family and friends?
Yes. Spectators are welcome.
Can I bring my child?
Yes. However, you must be sure that the child is supervised at all times.
Can I bring my own food and beverages?
No. Absolutely, no outside food or beverages. Violators will be escorted out.

Transportation & Parking

Where can I find directions to Mighty Mud Dash?
Directions to all Mighty Mud Dash events can be found on the events page.
Can I come early and camp?
I am sorry, there is no camping allowed on the site.
Where is the nearest lodging?
You can find this information under your desired event.
Should I car pool?
We suggest that you car pool to save money.
How much is parking?
Parking is $10.00 – CASH ONLY
Does Mighty Mud Dash provide transportation?
No. You are required to find your own transportation to the event.


How do I get a hold of customer service?
You can e-mail us here
How can I become a volunteer?
By going here
Is Mighty Mud Dash hiring?
Yes. We are always hiring
Do you have a poster I can download?
At the moment no, but soon my friends … soon.
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