Mighty Mud Dash - Houston, TX - The Texas Mud Run

Registration – Houston, Texas – October 4th & 5th

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Sam Houston Race Park – 7575 N. Sam Houston Parkway W. – Houston, Tx 77064

Deadlines & Pricing

    • Starting Price: $55
    • Starting July 11th: $60
    • Starting July 25th: $65
    • Starting August 8th: $70
    • Starting August 22nd: $75
    • Starting September 5th: $80
    • Starting September 19th: $85
    • Walk-Up Registration: $95


* Chip timers are not included (please see below) 
* All entries are non-refundable


Course Description & Tips
Please note that the course is subject to change.
In the Mighty Mud Dash course you can expect to tackle 3.2 miles of tough obstacle racing hitting anywhere from 20-24 obstacles. Below are the obstacles in order (Please note obstacles are subject to change if deemed necessary by the race directors)
1. Over, Under – Here you will be expected to leap over 3-4ft and go under 2 ft over clearance. if you try to cheat and go over an obstacle you are supposed to go under you will be met by are friend the barb wire.
2. Dark Knight – There will be multiple trenches cut 3ft wide and 20 ft long. Each trench will be filled half way with water and cover by 4X8 sheets of plywood. If you are scared of the dark this is not your obstacle.
3. Barb Wire Bear Crawls – Exiting the Dark Night you will be met with your first Mud Pit, but you must stay lay, like under 2 ft low, right above you will be barb wire.
4. Rubber Bandit – Welcome to tire heaven. Here you will do 20 yards of high knees through tires, then you will run through 40-60 swinging tires.
5. Lumber Jacked – Where telephone poles, mud and water combine. Here we will have to pits with 6 telephone poles in each pit. As a participant you are supposed to go over and then under the telephone poles as you see fit.
6. Life’s a Ditch - Welcome to our version of trenches. Here you will run through 20- yards of trenches filled with 3ft of water. Please note that there will be a lip going in and a lip going out. Try not to slip in and be sure to help each other out.
7. Hurdles in the Woods – After this obstacle you will make your way back in the woods where you will face three sets of tree hurdles.
8. Spider Webs – as you venture your way out of the woods you will be mangled by hundreds of yard of bungee cord wrapped from tree limb to tree limb.
. Mud Moguls – The most deceiving obstacle, Mud Moguls. Mud Moguls is a stretch of 5-6 mounds of dirt with 2-3ft of water in between each mound. Due to the water, mud and pitch of the mounds it becomes extremely difficult to get up and over the moguls without any help.
10. Rope to Rope – This obstacle is exactly as it sounds, it is a rope attached to one main beam to the next. Rope will cross a 14ft mud pit that is 4ft deep. You either need killer upper body strength or be smart enough to use your whole body to shimmy across.
11. Tube Tunnels – There will be four to five corrugated pipes laid at slight angle leading into a mud pit. As you gain access to the pit below you will be met by water as it proceeds to enter the tunnel. As you exit into the pit you will be fenced in by 6 fence panels laid over top the watery mud pit.
12. Mud Mountain -You will climb 20 ft to reach the top before you hit the trap to slide down in a 40 yard mud trench. This obstacle has been in discussion to change into a hike instead of a slide.
13. Monkey Wrench – Here you will try to conquer our monkey bars that are built on a truss system. You will start out at a slight incline with a deep pitch, then you will level out going across and then you finish at a decline. At the highest point you will be more than 10ft from the mud pit.
14. Rope Swing – Fun, but a hard landing. You will swing across a mud pit, if you don’t swing high enough you will hit the water. If you do conquer the rope swing and make it to the other side then be sure and try to keep your footing on the wet mud.
15. The Summit – This is our version of the Half pipe. We will have ledges and rope on two sides of the half pipe, but in the middle there will be no support for all you daring souls.
16. Arctic Freeze – This is a mud pit full of water that has three telephone poles buried. Race coordinators will be dumping in over 600 bags of 40lbs ice in the mud pit throughout the race day. participants will be expected to jump in the pit and dunk under the poles before exiting the pit. Please note the pit will be extremely hard to exit.
17. Wally World – Welcome tot he start of Mighty Valley and the last stretch. Here you will face the feat of conquering four plus walls 10ft tall.
18. Cargo Crawl – You will go up across and down our cargo net. This isn’t your typical A frame cargo crawl, no this is a bit more difficult. As each section will sag as you roll across making it extremely difficult to gain footing.
19. Fenced In – Here you will conquer 3ft trenches that have fence panels laid over the top. Each trench will be adequately filled with water. It is easier for the participant to enter in backwards and pull themselves out.
20. Barb Wire Crawl #2 – After being fenced in you will still need to stay low as you will be faced with barb wire 2ft off the ground.
21. Mighty Wall – Your final obstacle of the day is a 14ft wall. Though it sounds easy, this is no easy task. Since it is the last obstacle of the day everyone wants to do it, leaving the obstacle drenched in mud. Grab a hold and hold on tight.
22. Mystery Obstaclee – This can be placed anywhere in the course.

Mighty Wave Times

Mighty Wave Runners Information
Waves will start at 9:00am and will be released every 20 minutes until 12:40pm (Saturday till 12:40pm Sunday till 11:40am). You will be asked which wave time you would like to join during the registration process. Every runner should check in at the Information Pick-Up tent one hour before their wave time (unless you attended pre-packet pick-up – see below). Each runner should arrive at the start line 10 minutes before their wave’s start time. You must have your race bib on in order to run the race. You cannot race without your bib – think of it as your ticket to the event. There will be a wave leaving the start line every 20 minutes with up to 500 Mighty Mud Dashers per wave. Please note that regular registration does not come with a chip timer.


Chip Timing

Chip Timing information
Chip timing is not included with a regular registration. Chip Timers are available on Saturday ONLY!

Kids Obstacle Dash

Kids Obstacle Dash information
Mighty Mud Dash is no longer limited to just adults! Now your kids can come join in on the fun with the Mighty Mud Dash 100 Yard Obstacle Dash! Your children can get the scaled down experience of what it means to be a Mighty Mud Dasher!The Kids Dash heats will go off between 9:30am-12:00pm. Registration will be the day of the event, there will be no preregistration for the kids.Ages 6-14

The kids dash is free, come let your kids have a taste of the Mighty Mud Dash experience.

Rules and specs information
  • All Adults must accompany their children
  • All Adults must sign a parental consent form for their children.
  • All Adults realize that it is an endurance challenge and that they will be subjecting their children to psychical activity
  • Must be at least 6 years of age.
  • The Term heat is used loosely.
  • No photographers on the course without permission.
  • Kid Waivers (For Kids obstacle dash) – Download Here

Since there is no charge for entry there will be no free T-shirt. Children will be given medals until the 600 medals are depleted. To insure you child receives a medal you must have them run early.


Kids Course information
  • Course will consist of the following
    1. Mud Trenches
    2. Sideway Mud trenches
    3. Mud mound
    4. Small Wall
    5. Mud Pit
    6. Slanted Wall

Spotters will be present to run with the children to complete the course.


*Spotters will be present to run with the children to complete the course.
*Since there is no charge for entry there will be no free T-shirt. Children will be given medals until the 300 medals are depleted. To insure you child receives a medal you must have them run early.
*The Kids Dash is not chipped timed and there are no winners or losers – only Mighty Kids.

Packet Pick-Up Info

Location & Date
Packet pickup will be held at Sports Authority from 11-7pm on October 3rd. Address Below:

Sports Authority
8625 FM 1960 Rd W
Houston, TX 77070

Be sure to bring your signed waiver!

How to Pick up a friend’s packet
In order to pick-up someone else’s packet you will need 1) a copy or photo (on a phone is fine) of their drivers license and 2) a waiver signed by the individual. Without these items you WILL NOT be able to pick-up someone else’s packet.

Race Documents & Information

Participants and Kid waivers
Participant Waivers (14 & Up) – Download Here
Kid Waivers (For Kids obstacle dash) – Download Here
Race Day Information
After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with your registration information including the date and time you’ll be running. Racers under 18 will need their wavier signed by their parent or guardian. Anyone under 14 by the day of the event will not be permitted into running in the 5K race and will be directed for some fun in the Kids 100 Yard Obstacle Dash. Furthermore, Racers will need a valid photo ID to pick up their packet and bib the day of the event. Please check in at the Info Pick-Up tent 1 hour to 30 minutes before your wave time begins to pick up your bib number, check in your bags, receive your free t-shirt, and free beer ticket for runners over 21. Arriving early will give you time to stretch and make your way to the start line and cheer on friends and family who ran before you.
Parking Information
Parking always gets crowded, so be sure to show up early and bring $10 cash to park.

Race Day Photos

Get your race Day Photos here

What to bring

Items you can bring
      • Athletic shoes & clothes that you’re willing to get down right muddy.
      • Gloves, some of the obstacles will have a lot of grip. Be sure to bring gloves!
      • Change of clothes unless you like being a dirty Mud Runner!
      • Extra Money for parking, beer, food and apparel.
      • Spectators (you know…your Mom, coworkers and your own personal fan club) to brag to and share in your Muddy glory!
      • A camera to help capture all the Mud-filled mayhem to be uploaded to our rockin’ Facebook Page
      • Your partay-tude dude!


What NOT to bring

Items that are prohibited
  • No outside alcohol!
  • No glass containers of any kind.
  • Absolutely no weapons
  • No pets
  • No wimpy attitudes


Spectators and Photographers

Spectators and Photographers Information and Regulations
      • Spectators are allowed into the event for free. They will just need to pay the $10 parking fee.
      • Spectators are ONLY allowed to be in the fenced off event area and will not be allowed out on the course.
      • Spectators cameras are prohibited at the FINISH LINE.
      • Spectators will NOT receive a free beer, those are for the Mighty, the proud, and the Muddy!


Food Menu

We will announce food options a few weeks before the event! Listen close!

Registration FAQ’s

What is included with the entry?
In addition to participating in the event, you will also receive an official Mighty Mud Dash T- shirt , Mighty Mud Dash Medal, one free beer and entry to the post-party.
Do I have to sign a waiver?
Yes, you will be required to sign a waiver when you arrive on your event day. Signing the waiver will deliver acknowledgement that by participating in Mighty Mud Dash you expose yourself to certain risks, including the risk of personal injury. Furthermore, we suggest that you read and understand the waiver before you sign it on event day. You can find a sample of your event wavier online here.
What is the age limit?
You must be at least 14 years of age by the day of the event with parental consent to register for Mighty Mud Dash. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have parental consent and signature to participate in Mighty Mud Dash.
How fit do I have to be to participate?
Though our course is meant to test your physical strength, mental will and true grit; it can be accomplished by anyone who shows true Might. For training tips please click here http://www.mightymuddash.com/training-tips/
How do I register?
You can register as an individual, by creating a team or joining a team. You can register by clicking the “sign up” button at the top of the page.
How big can my team be?
There is no minimum or maximum number of people that can be on a team. The more members, more fun it is.
How do I manage a team?
Your team captain can manage the team by logging in through our registration center, going into his profile and clicking “My Running Teams”.
Are teams required to finish together?
Teams are not required to finish the race together. Though it does make for a cool photo to finish at the same time, it is not required.

Other FAQ’s

How can I volunteer at the event?
You can register to volunteer at the event by using our volunteer registration page:Volunteer at the Houston Event

Still Need Help?

Contact us
Email: Support@MightyMudDash.com for any questions or concerns.

Course Map

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