Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday can be quite the pain in the posterior.

Crowded people literally run over each other to try and grab big sales on not-somighty
things, such as that last piece of stale fruitcake. At the end of the day, you end
up with more bumps and bruises all over your body than you could ever get after a
Mighty Mud Dash.

We at M.M.D. know better than to combine the fast pace of 5K obstacle running with
the unnecessary roughness of store shopping. That’s why we’re offering all of our
Black Friday deals ONLINE!

Starting now until December 2nd 2014, you can get 20% OFF registration for any
event of your choice using the coupon code “Frenzy20”. The discount applies to the
current price of an event—that means you can potentially get yourself a ticket to
The Texas Mud Run for as low as $45! Hurry, though – the next price increase is
November 25th at midnight!

In addition, you can now save 20% OFF all store items. All of them—yes, including
our pink “I LIKE IT DIRTY” tank top you secretly want. Just use the same coupon
code “Frenzy20” at checkout!

Play it safe, stay inside, click the two links below, and happy shopping!

To register for an event, click here.

To purchase Mighty Mud Dash store items, click here.