Volunteering … How is that done?

AUGUST 20, 2014 by Mighty Mud Dash

First of all, we want to thank you for considering to volunteer at our event! We would not be able to bring this fun event at the cost we do if it weren’t for you guys! To volunteer you simply have to sign up on our event pages in the volunteer sections. Below are a list of all of our volunteering positions and their respective times (times likely to change depending on event):


Day of Event Volunteers – These guys are the backbone on which everything about this event stands on. The job duties vary wildly from registration desk worker to obstacle volunteer. Each position requires something unique, you are bound to find a opportunity you will love while getting muddy!

Hours – Usually, no later than 6:30am -12:00pm

PRE-RACE DAY VOLUNTEER CATEGORIES: (These volunteers in exchange for volunteering the day before will get the option to join Mighty Mud Dash at a stunning $10!)

PRE-PACKET PICK-UP – You shall not Pass! That is right, no one will be admitted to run the Mighty Mud Dash without coming to see YOU or your team! Here you will be responsible for collecting waivers, checking ID’s, checking for completion of registration, administrating bibs/shirts & delegating any hard questions to the race director present in your area. Sounds hard, but really isn’t! As this is done the day before the race, you can still run for the discounted price. You must volunteer the entire time in order to earn the discounted price.

Hours – This varies and depends on the packet pickup times.


Can I pick up someone else’s packet at packet pickup?

JULY 25, 2014 by Mighty Mud Dash

Yes you can pick up someones packet at our packet pickup, however we will need you to have their signed waivers and a photocopy of their IDs which can be done either on paper or through cell phone. If you do not have these things we are not able to release the packet to you.


If the person you are picking up for is under 18 we will not require a photo ID for them, the signed waiver will be enough.


You can find our waiver by clicking the word waiver below, or by going to your event page and scrolling down to the Race Documents and Information section.



I just registered, am I good to go?

JULY 25, 2014 by Mighty Mud Dash

Once you are registered in our system you are for the most part good to go.

However we will need you to sign a liability waiver before you set off on your adventure. If you can have that signed beforehand that will help us catapult you through the lines.

You can find our waiver on every event page under the Race Documents and Information title, or by clicking the word waiver below.



I’ve been to a 5k before, the lines were awful. Is yours the same?

JULY 25, 2014 by Mighty Mud Dash


We are not immune to long lines on race day so be sure to either go to our packet pickup the day before our run or come a little early in order to beat the rush.

We highly suggest you come to our packet pickup as that is the best way to avoid the lines on race day, to find out when your city’s packet pickup is taking place head over to the event page, select your city, then hit the “Packet Pickup Information” tab.

If you can’t make it to packet pickup and are going to come on race day, we suggest you get there 30 minutes before you want to start running. Our lines even in crowds of 9000+ have rarely kept people waiting more than 30-35 minutes, so if you come early you should be good to go when you wish to start your mighty experience.


What is a Pre-Packet Pickup?

JULY 25, 2014 by Mighty Mud Dash

A Pre-Packet Pickup is a time where you can grab your race day packet which contains your shirt and bib, along with any additionally purchased items. We do this before the run so our participants can avoid the inevitable line that accumulates at our registration tent on race day.

Pre- Packet Pickup typically takes place the day before the race and it is usually announced two weeks in advance of the event.

To know the specifics about your run’s packet pickup check out the event page listed under the events tab.


Something came up, can I get a refund?

JULY 25, 2014 by Mighty Mud Dash

Due to the logistics of planning an event of our size we are not able to give refunds for any reason.

We can however transfer registrations to other people or set up an arrangement where you save your registration for the next time we are in town. Please note that these arrangements must happen before the event takes place.

In order to set either option up please contact us at support@mightymuddash.com


I just purchased a registration … what did I just buy?

JULY 25, 2014 by Mighty Mud Dash

Good Question!

With your purchase of our run you granted yourself access to a couple of awesome things:

1. The run itself (duh) and along with the awesome after party

2. Registration packet that contains a white t-shirt and a bib.

3. After your mighty trek you will earn yourself a beer at no cost!


I want to join/create a team. How do I do it?

JULY 25, 2014 by Mighty Mud Dash

To join or create a team while registering is a simple task. In the second box in registration it asks you point blank whether you wish to join or create a team and how to do it. This is all fairly easy to understand so I’ll move on to when things get a little dicey.

After you are done registering and you want to go back in and modify your registration/team this is where things get fun. Currently we are using two different systems for registering people to our runs, I will separate the runs by the system they are using.

Run Sign Up:
1. Boston
2. Cincinatti Louisville, Lexington
3. Phoenix
4. Tucson

1. Washington DC
2. St. Louis
3. Miami
4. Houston

For Ticket Socket Runs:

1. Go to secure.thegraffitirun.com

2. Go to the top right hand corner of your screen and click on “my account”

a. Type in the email address and the password you used while registering

3. Once logged in, select the race you wish to modify

a. Scroll down until you see “team information” modify/create as you wish!

When you have registered yourself to a team, you can find your team in the top right hand corner labeled “My Teams”. Simply select your race and your team, that will display everyone who has registered for your team as of now.

Run Sign Up Runs:

1. Go to runsignup.com

2. Go to the top of the screen and click on “Sign In”

a. You would have created a account when registering, any additional registrants registered through this account will appear in your account, they will not have an account created for them.

3. Once in your profile, scroll down and click on “My Running Teams”, this will take you to your running team’s page where you can see who all is registered.


Products … What are they?

JULY 25, 2014 by Mighty Mud Dash

Been checking out our cool store products and want to know what they are all about?

Our products will be cool memories that will constantly bring you back to your time at Mighty Mud Dash. They range in size and price but are all awesome.

Take note that if you order these products during registration you will be picking them up along with your packet either on race day or at packet pickup.


My coupon is not working?

JULY 24, 2014 by Mighty Mud Dash

Coupon not working? We’re here to help you.

First lets make sure it isn’t an easy fix, please check on to make sure you are not making these three very common errors.

1. Make sure you are registering everyone one at a time, this not only lets your code work for you, it ensures you register who you want with no confusion.

2. When typing the code into the coupon code box, be sure there are no spaces either before or after the code. These spaces count as characters so it will make your code invalid.

3. Be sure you are typing in the correct code, the codes we use are voucher codes, not receipt or confirmation codes.

If you have read and checked for these errors and are still having trouble. Please contact support@mightymuddash.com, our helpful correspondent will be able to help you.