Introducing the Ultra 8K

To celebrate the announcement of the eighth event in the Mighty Mud Dash series, we decided to go further than we ever have in the history of this mud run. We are back with an all-new location, new obstacles, and a new challenge for mud runners to face.

First off, the next Mighty Mud Dash for 2015, held in Houston, will be an 8K – yes, five miles – as runners will be required to go a much longer distance in order to complete the course. A new distance to conquer will also mean a new location to fit in all this muddy chaos. We will host this Houston event in a brand new location: Rio Bravo Motorcycle Park, a few miles east of downtown. This venue has been home to several other events in the past, and now it’s time for us to take advantage of this hilly, complex off-road race track. Finally, we hope to create new obstacles that will make proper use of the unique technical qualities this venue has. For the younger ones who are not exactly ready for this big challenge, we will also bring back the kids course to this venue for them to enjoy!

The Mighty Mud Dash ULTRA 8K will be held October 10th and 11th, 2015.
You can register now for the event here.

Are you ready to conquer 5 miles and over 22+ obstacles of Texas-Tough Terrain? Show your readiness and post in the comments below!