Are you tired of tripping over your own two feet? Tired of tying ugly double loop knots to keep your laces out from underneath yourself? We all have that one shoe lace that comes undone no matter how tight you tie it. Don’t be that lazy person that stuffs their laces down the side of their foot because you feel it saves you 5 seconds and it’s the “COOL” thing to do. Being lazy is not cool. What’s cool are LOCK LACES™ ! With LOCK LACES™ patented “elastic shoelace and fastening system” you have a product that is high tech with minimum maintenance. LOCK LACES™ are worry free and provide a better fit for improved performance to let the athlete in you perform at its best.

What’s Your Color?
LOCK LACES™ is proud to partner with Mighty Mud Dash to promote a happy active unique running experience on a national level. Look for an event near you and special never before color combos of LOCK LACES™ made exclusively for Mighty Mud Dash coming soon.