Looking Back: The Mighty Engagement


HOUSTON, TX – Near the end of the Fall 2014 Mighty Mud Dash, one particular Mighty Mudder, Rey Villegas, had one extra obstacle to face after he completed our 3.1-mile mud run: a secret proposal to his girlfriend, Alexis Padilla.

On October 5th at around 1:50PM, Rey made his proposal to his Alexis, to the surprise of everyone else at the Mighty Mud Dash. The announcement was broadcasted by the DJ around the entire course via several large and loud speakers hooked up to a stage.

“Who else can say they got proposed to at the Mighty Mud Dash?” proclaimed Alexis on Facebook. “Well. …THIS GIRL CAN! It was truly an amazing experience.”

Rey was no different in terms of his excitement and appreciation for the Mighty Mud Dash’s role in the proposal: “It’s a wonderful [story] to tell friends and family, how we love to do MUD RUNS together […] Thanks to Mighty Mud Dash for [being a part] of our engagement!”

While it is unclear whether the couple will return for the next upcoming Mighty Mud Dash this March, we can confidently say that the Texas Mud Run not only helps build a relationship, it can also potentially kickstart it to the next level.


Rey’s Facebook post

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