Have a Mighty Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas is a time to celebrate being with family as well as respecting and caring for friends and others. We want to know how you are spending this Christmas, whether you are traveling afar to meet relatives, going on an adventurous Christmas vacation, or simply staying home!

As the New Year is coming up, the Holidays are also a time to reflect on what we all have done in the past year. Many have experienced their fair share conquering mighty obstacles that changed their lives, muddy or otherwise. We encourage to you comment on what special events or mighty things you have done within the past 365 days!

And finally, as we anticipate 2015’s arrival, most of us wonder what we can do to make the next year even better than the last. With that in mind, we want you all to tell us your new years resolution!

If you want to kick-start a new year in fitness, we are offering a 30-day free trial of M5 Fitness, an online fitness program that you can do entirely from the comfort of your own home! It’s risk-free, and it can be cancelled at anytime.

You can try M5 Fitness here

We hope that you have Mighty Good Time with us as we kick off the 2015 events where we’ll make our own fair share of improvements. You can register now here.

Be sure once again to comment on what you’ve done this year, what you plan to do for the Holidays, and what you intend to do next year. We wish you mud runners a Merry Christmas and a MIGHTY New Year!


The Mighty Mud Dash team