Mighty Mud Dash is not a national series, rather we like to focus more on offering more for our local customers. We like to consider our race an open forum by hearing feedback from our participants and adapting to please their needs. At every race we seem to get tougher & tougher, and bigger and bigger, just like Texas! Mighty Mud Dash gives our participants a life-changing, team building experience that’s just not possible in an in a everyday life experience. Unlike other races our runners and participants are repeat customers, because they respect our course, brand and efforts to answer every customer service question they have. We not all about making as much money as possible, we are about building a local event that brings a change in the local community in a big way. Mighty Mud Dash is a brand you want to be associated with.

This is the new age of events, athletes and brand loyalty. Through a Mighty Mud Dash sponsorship you will unlock communication waves and set unprecedented confidence and reliance within your brand and the community. Unlike the unchanged traditional sponsorship strategies that have become stale and obsolete, this sponsorship resolution truly does work!

Email sponsorship@mightymuddash.com and we will produce a custom sponsorship package that is specific to your company’s promotional or advertising needs.

Click on the button below to download the sponsorship packet, fill out the sponsorship form at the end and submit it to sponsorship@mightymuddash.com, or you can simply fill out the online form below.

Want to get your product or company out in front of 5000-6000 people spread out over 2 days? Want potential customers who like to hang around your booth and partake in your giveaways for a sizable amount of time rather than simply getting in their car and going after they run like other races? These advantages and more are available to you if you become a Sponsor with the Mighty Mud Dash! Please click our button below to be taken to our sponsorship packet: