Official Course Map for Spring 2016 – April 9-10:

Event Area Details:

Course Description & Tips

Please note that the course is subject to change.

In the Mighty Mud Dash course you can expect to tackle 3 miles of tough obstacle racing hitting anywhere from 20-24 obstacles. You can watch the video to see some of our past obstacles in action or view an official list of obstacles listed in order for the 2016 event below (Please note obstacles are subject to change if deemed necessary by the race directors).

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Obstacles List:

  • Dark Knight – Multiple trenches cut 3ft wide and 20 ft long, each covered by 4X8 sheets of plywood. Are you afraid of the dark?
  • Life’s A Ditch – Walk through one of several long ditches filled with muddy water. Each trench will have an uneven floor pattern that you will have to feel your way through as you move along.
  • Tube Tunnels – Claustrophobics beware! Crawl your way through a long, dark, and muddy tube that goes through a mound of mud.
  • Fenced In – Crawl under one of several trenches that are 3ft wide, 10ft long and 2 1/2 ft deep, covered with fence panels and filled with about a foot of water. The best way to complete this obstacle is to go backwards and pull yourself under the fence panels.
  • Spider Web – New for 2016, a cargo net vertically placed between two trees that you must climb over. It will be difficult to gain footing as you struggle to make your way over the wobbly net.
  • Mud Moguls – A stretch of 5 mounds of dirt with 2 ft. of water in between each mound. Due to the water, mud, and steep angle of the slippery mounds, it becomes extremely difficult to get up and over them by yourself alone. Having the right shoes on can also lend you a potential advantage.
  • MudSlide – Climb to the top of a 20-ft-tall inflatable slide via slippery rubber ladders, and then slide your way down into a 3-ft-deep mud pit.
  • Monkey Bars – One of our most difficult obstacles, a steel ladder bridge built on a truss system placed 10 feet above the ground. Dedicated high-grip gloves are recommended in order to climb along the bars securely.
  • Rope to Rope – Climb on 12 feet of horizontally placed ropes. This can be an incredibly tiring obstacle, so the key here is to find the most efficient way to utilize all your limbs to climb across.
  • Go Fish – Crawl under a chain link fence laying inches above the damp, muddy ground. Trying to navigate and escape the net will be a struggle on its own. This obstacle was originally featured in the ULTRA 8K under the name “Truss Rope Skidmark”.
  • Bear Crawls – How low can you go? Crawl under a series of barbed wire laying nearly 2 feet above the ground.
  • Sled Pull – Another new obstacle for Mighty Mud Dash, participants will pull heavy dirt-filled sleds towards them and then pull them back into place to complete this unique obstacle.
  • Ninja Wall – Climb over a set of wooden walls, but there’s a catch: Without any grips on the walls to land your hands and feet on, you will need to utilize the properties of momentum by running and jumping to get directly to the top, ninja-parkour style.
  • Traverse Wall – Similar to those plastic rock climbing obstacles, you must make your way along the side of a large wooden wall with tiny grips on it as you struggle to secure your hands and feet. Competitive Wave runners must complete this obstacle without touching the ground.
  • Rope Swing – Swing across a mud pit where timing is everything. Stay high enough on the rope so that you don’t hit the muddy water pit below, and then land perfectly so you don’t fall backwards and land back in the muddy water pit. For 2016, this obstacle will now be built on a steel A-frame truss system.
  • Big Ben – Climb to the top of a 14-ft tall truss system via vertical ropes and ring the bell to complete this obstacle. It will be hard to get a grip on the slippery mud-covered ropes – a real challenge for competitive wave runners!
  • A-Frame Cargo Net – A flagship obstacle that was introduced in the ULTRA 8K last season, this cargo net obstacle places two nets angled at 45 degrees each. Carefully climb up then down the slopes of this triangular metal mountain.
  • Ringmaster – Our most difficult obstacle from last season’s ULTRA 8K (originally called “Tarzan”) is composed of multiple yellow rings hung on a tall metal truss frame. Swing your way from ring to ring and make it across what is truly a challenging obstacle. Make sure you have gloves or grippy hands if you want to make it through this one.
  • Arctic Freeze – Dare to dive yourself into a large tub of ice water, where you will be forced to dip your head underwater in order to get under the obstruction blocking your path.
  • Hurdles – This one’s full of ups and downs. Leap over and under large hurdles with barbed wire on them – as high as 3-4 feet and as low as 2 feet.
  • Summit – This popular obstacle makes a return for 2016! Also known as the “Half Pipe”, this is a gargantuan curved wall you must run and climb to reach the peak. Ropes will be available on one side of this obstacle to assist female runners – male runners cannot use the ropes.
  • Mighty Wall – Climb up, over, and down a colossal slanted wall with ropes. Use whatever stamina you have left to make it up and down a series of muddy, slippery steps. Grab a hold, and hold on tight!
  • Mystery Obstacles – These can be placed anywhere in the course.