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2017 Finisher Shirt

FEBRUARY 24, 2017 by Mighty Mud Dash

Our New 2017 Finisher Shirt designed by our in-house designer Scott McMicahel. You can only get your Mighty Mud Dash 2017 Finisher Shirt, by finishing the race.  The first step is registering and then starting your training.

2017 FInsiher Shirt


2017 Finisher Medal “The Big Heart”

JANUARY 26, 2017 by Mighty Mud Dash

MMD17 Medal

Mighty Mud Dash is proud to present the 2017 finisher medal, “The Big Heart.” Named not for its size, but for what the finisher medal represents. The Big Heart is exclusively designed in-house to capture the essence of our hometown Houston, TX from its creative design down to the empowering name.

The design of the medal emulates Houston with the Downtown Skyline while also capturing the city’s broad range of interests, backgrounds, and experiences through the vibrant color design. To top it off, the medal’s name is based on one of Houston’s many nicknames, “The Big Heart”, to seize the spirit of every Houstonian. Houston originally earned the nickname “The Big Heart” back in 2005-2006 when Houston offered shelter, food, and aid to 150,000 survivors from Hurricane Katrina.

Like the meaning of the medal’s name, we believe our participants embody the same ethics and principals Houstonians did in 2005-2006 in lending a helping hand to those in need. We see it year after year – Participants assisting each other through tough obstacles and emphasizing helping those in need rather than finishing first.

It is a real reminder that, together, we are mightier.

Earn your Big Heart!