Tips for this Halloween!

It’s that spooky time of year again, and we at the Mighty Mud Dash want to bring up a couple of fun facts and tips for this Halloween.

Halloween is a time for kids wearing costumes to go out at night and get some candy from their neighbors. As kids walk around the neighborhood, they can burn plenty of calories and become more fit, so we (as a 5K mud run) encourage your kids to go out there and walk as long a distance as possible if they can. Make sure to bring plenty of water for you and your kids as well as mosquito repellant if your area is a bit ‘buggy’ at dusk.

Safety is a pretty big concern when kids are walking around at night. Walk, don’t run, as visibility is limited (even more so with a mask on) and it is easy to trip over bumps, costumes, and run into other kids! It is also important for kids to be easily visible at night, especially when cars are coming around. Lights, reflectors, and brightly colored costumes can help them become more visible, but it is also paramount either way that they stay off the streets and onto the sidewalks!

Finally, we strongly encourage you all to minimize the caloric impact of you and your kids’ trick-or-treating sessions. When offering candy to others, we recommend offering treats that pack a bit more protein in the form of peanuts, such as Reeses or Babe Ruth. Protein keeps you fuller longer, which means less candy consumed in the long run. Fiber bars also have the same effect, and those with chocolate or other candy-like appeal will definitely win over the hearts of kids. In addition, choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate when possible, as chocolate candy with more “real chocolate” (cacao) is less processed, contains more healthy fat and fiber, and it can even taste better, too (trust us)!

Here are some more links that you can follow to help make your next Halloween safer, leaner, and more fun!

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