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Check-in: Introduction
Check-in duties will be performed at the check-in tent at the event venue. You will be provided with one of several iPads which utilize the check-in app. Some of these iPads can also be used as a digital register with the “Square” app and a card swiper device which is plugged into the headphone jack. The Check-in and store duties covered below are the same for Packet Pickup volunteers on packet pickup day.
Check-in: Using the “Check-In” App
  • On the iPad’s home menu, tap the “Check-in” icon to open the app. It will ask for a username and password which our team will give you.
  • A list of events appear. Tap “Mighty Mud Dash” for Saturday the 9th or Sunday the 10th depending on which day you are volunteering on.
  • The code scanner automatically comes up. This is used to scan the QR codes on E-tickets. If a participant checks in using an E-ticket, simply hold the iPad over the code and it will automatically be scanned. If valid, a green popup appears saying “CHECKED IN” and then the important ticket info which is explained further below.
  • If a participant does not have an E-ticket or there are issues scanning the code, you can also look up participants by name by tapping “Name Search”. Use their ID to look up their name or ask for their name. If their name shows up in a list, tap it , view the ticket info (see next) and tap “Check In”.
  • WHAT DID THEY GET? After scanning their ticket code or finding their name, a popup list appears. This contains ticket info such as shirt size and accessories. Carefully scan this list and give the participant their packet containing a bib number, 4 safety pins, the correct T-shirt size specified, as well as whatever extra accessories they got, such as a pair of gloves, a draw string bag, etc.
Store: Using the “Square” App
  • Some participants will want to buy some extra gear or even another registration (participants must be 14 years or older to participate in the course). On the iPad’s home menu, tap the “Square” icon to open the app. It will ask for a username and password which our team will give you.
  • Similar to the Check-in app, a list of events appear. Tap “Mighty Mud Dash” to open the list of store items for that event.
  • A list if Mighty Mud Dash store items appear along with their respective prices. Tap an item to add it to the cart on the top right. The price shown is the total cost of the order
  • To remove an item on the cart, you must clear the entire cart. Tap on the price on the top right and hit the button to clear the order.
  • If a registration is purchased, ask the buyer for their T-shirt size and provide them with a pen and waiver to sign. Just like checking in, give them a packet containing the participant shirt, a bib number, and 4 safety pins once the purchase is complete.
  • To complete a store order, tap the cart on the top right, and hit the button to complete the purchase. The price shows up, here the buyer can swipe their card on the swiper attached to the iPad’s headphone jack OR the buyer can pay in cash. Cash amounts are specified on the bottom; for example if the buyer gives you a $20 bill for a $18 order, tap the “$20” button. Change is shown, please give the buyer change from the tan-colored metal cash box. The password to unlock this cash box will be given to you by staff.
  • The app will then ask you whether or not you want to give the participant a receipt. Usually you hit “No Thanks” but a receipt is still recommended for registration orders.
  • ALWAYS keep an eye on the cash box and DO NOT leave it open for any reason other than providing change for store purchases. Please lock the cash box by scrambling the code area when not in use.
Bag Check
  • Most participants will want to leave a bag in a secure spot so that it doesn’t get wet and muddy. This is why we have Bag Check, which is free for all participants.
  • When a participant gives you a bag, ask for their name and write it on a wristband (or similar piece which we will provide you), then place it in the bag check area inside the tent. Try memorizing where you placed the bag as it will help when giving it back at the end of this event.
  • When the participant asks for the bag back, ask them for their name to find it on the name tag you put on the bag earlier.
  • If you have trouble finding their bag, ask them for details such as bag color, shape, or text on the bag.
Obstacle Monitoring
  • Our staff will direct you to an obstacle for you to monitor. Your duty here, put simply, will be to make sure all mud runners are safe.
  • If you spot an injured participant, call for EMS in the Zello walkie talkie app (covered in an email which will be sent to certain volunteers) and tell them which obstacle you’re at.
  • For obstacles with mud pits, you may also be assigned to help mud runners out of mud pits by lending them a helping hand to pull them out.
The Water Stations
  • There will be three water stations for this course, one being at the finish line. Our team may assign you to one of these three areas.
  • Fill each foam cup up with water which will be provided from a large plastic box. A motorized filter keeps it clean. Place the cups neatly on the table provided.
  • Each participant that comes by will take one cup of water; please make sure they dispose it in the provided trash can.
The Finish Line
  • A few volunteers will be needed at the finish line. Your task here will be to give a medal to each mighty participant who crosses the finish line. We may also have some extras, such as drinks and snacks, that you can give them in addition to the medal.
  • The beer tent is located just west of the course entrance, under a large tent. Staff there will give them free beer.
The Volunteer Wave
  • Event day volunteers will be given their own wave after their shift is done, usually after the final participant wave is done. Staff will let all volunteers know when it’s time for their wave.
  • Packet pickup volunteers will be given their packet when they complete their shift and will be allowed to run any wave except the competitive wave.

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